Teach For All Language Teacher Community

We are collaborating with Teach For All to launch their language teacher community, and pilot Bili exchanges between their classes.

Bili is working with 20 different participants from across the Teach For All network partners to connect their classes and learn foreign languages together.

As well as giving participants the opportunity to trial all features of the platform and connect their students of a 6 week online exchange, it is proposed that the exchange culminates in a face-to-face component for teachers to bring together our learning and support further collaboration.

More updates to follow on this page and through our blog!

There will be English to German, English to Spanish, and English to English exchanges coordinated between participants in the following Teach For All network partners:

  • Teach First
  • Enseña por Argentina
  • Enseña por México
  • Enseña por Colombia
  • Teach First Deutschland
  • Teach First Denmark
  • Lead For Ghana
  • Noored Kooli (Estonia)
  • Teach for Bulgaria
  • Teach For India
  • Teach For Nigeria
  • Teach for Uganda

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