Earlybird discount

We're offering a 10% discount to all schools that sign up before the end of July

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Why make my school a Bili school?

Pandemic or not,  Bili provides students a platform to use their language skills in an authentic way, from any location with an internet connection:

  • Safe learning environment
  • Authentic language use
  • Save time on marking
  • Improve grades

Need more information? 

Have a look at our FAQs, send us a message through chat or make a note when you sign up!

We know that sometimes it can take a little time to get things set up with your partner schools. This is why we are offering a 10% discount to any schools who sign up before the end of this academic year. Like this we know that schools will be able to hit the ground running come September.

We are also aware that sometimes exchange partners will not have the same access to budgets, or at least not at the same time- so with each sign up we will be offering a golden ticket (not literally!) through which your partner will get 1 year’s free subscription.  


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