Finding your partner school

At Bili, we provide the space and the tools for teachers and students across the world to connect with each other; so we know a thing or two about finding that perfect partner school.

Bili provides the technology, but we know that at the core of every exchange it is the human connection between teachers and students that matters. To form lasting exchanges, it is important to establish a strong relationship with similar goals and expectations with your partner teacher(s).

These links can be formed in many ways so we’ve put together a few tips to help find that perfect match.

1. Join Bili’s Network

The obvious first step: sign up to Bili! Join our community and you will be able to see school’s with students the same age in corresponding languages and communicate directly with them.

You won’t pay anything until you have paired up and are ready to start your exchange.

2. Personal Connections

  • Do you have associations with schools abroad? Staff who have worked abroad?
  • Do you have native language speakers, teachers or language assistants?
  • How about foreign students? Where were they at school previously? Could you connect with them?

3. Cultural Institutions

4. Social Media

  • Check out these teacher-designated Facebook groups – Global Language Teacher’s Exchange or Échanges scolaires.
  • Twitter is also a very useful platform to find potential partner schools. Try searching the following: #mfltwitterati or #mflchat. Next year we will be moderating an MFL chat on Twitter so keep an eye out for that!

5. Twin Towns

  • Is your town linked with another abroad? This could be used as a way in. For example: Oxford is twinned with Bonn (Germany) and Grenoble (France).

We also know that sometimes exchange partners will not have the same access to budgets, or at least not at the same time – so with each sign-up we will be offering a golden ticket through which your partner will get 1 year’s free subscription.

Any other tips? We’d love to hear your exchange stories as teachers or students!

If you would like to book a free demo to see how Bili works, click here!

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