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A week as a 'Bili' teacher

Tasks are unlocked automatically on the agreed day, and students have a submission date. I check towards the end of the week that the task still fits with the class work and edit if necessary (I am able to access and edit all tasks from my dashboard at any point prior to it being unlocked). I login a few days later and see around half the class have responded. I scroll down the list and approve the tasks. One student hasn't written enough, and it's mostly in English. I decide to reject this one, give a bit of feedback and set a new submission date.

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The approved messages are sent to the French student, and following the French teacher's approval a response will be sent back to the English student. I login and check all the student's work, ‘favourite’ a few particularly good exchanges, and decide to print the tasks so that they can act on the feedback in the next lesson. This process has freed up a bit of my time, as students receive specific peer feedback and I am confident that every student is making good progress, and are more engaged with the language.

A week as a 'Bili' student

I receive my task on the Monday. Deadline is Wednesday. I am able to complete the task on any device which will connect to the Internet. I receive notifications as the deadline approaches. I notice that another student in my class has already sent their response and it's pretty good! I should probably get on with it! I complete the task, and around the same time I notice my exchange partner for this topic has written a response. I choose to respond to this one as they are talking about one of my favourite films.

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I correct a few errors in their work, highlighting spelling, grammar or wrong words, and respond to any questions they had. I check back on a few days later and see that I have a reply, and that my teacher has favourited my response! Mum already knows this as she has seen through the parent login on the teacher's profile.

On Monday my teacher gives me a printed out version of my task and response which I stick in my book and redraft, according to the student feedback and any input from my teacher. Job done, time to get started on week 2!

I'm starting to feel much more confident with my French, and actually getting a bit of a buzz from communicating with the French students in my group!