Bili brings language learning to life for young people.

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to enjoy and engage with languages first-hand and grow up bilingual. Bili provides the opportunity for young people to interact with each other, communicate and learn other languages and cultures.

Bili is led by Charlie Foot, Founder and Managing Director who created Bili as a result of his experiences as a languages teacher. Charlie began his teaching career on the Teach First leadership development programme, and is passionate about broadening access to language learning.

“As languages teachers we all know the Holy Grail for our students is to get them speaking, and writing spontaneously and in 'authentic', real life contexts. Naturally we try to deliver this through exploring film or literature, using new technologies or organising trips but in my experience it isn’t enough to really bring the language and culture alive”.

He created Bili to address this challenge:

I wanted to build something which is easy to use and engaging for students and teachers alike, to enable young people to interact in foreign languages in a sustained and focussed way.

Charlie Foot - Founder and Managing Director of Bili
English, French & German
Running (done a few marathons…), cycling (more reluctantly), sailing and generally being active.
Cauliflower & Queuing
Fun Fact
Was on BBC's 'Eggheads' as part of the Glasgow University German Society's team, failed to remember the ingredients in hummous!
English & French
Projects, fixing things (especially on boats) and giving career advice
Drinks parties and too many people