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The Covid-19 pandemic stopped any school trips this year. Leaving the EU and the Erasmus+ programme also meant leaving the eTwinning platform. If you are a teacher struggling to bring 'real life' into language learning, we understand and we can help.

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Bringing real language to you

Time spent abroad and exchange trips boost motivation in language learning, and those first-hand experiences can often prove crucial in any student’s decision to pursue a language. Sadly, the perfect storm of Brexit and Covid has put these vital interactions at risk.

Bili helps schools and universities provide students with real opportunities to practice their languages. We believe that languages are better spoken in a natural environment with a native speaker. Our studies show that a Bili exchange increases student motivation and can be sustained throughout the school year.

Facilitating this natural peer-to-peer interaction virtually brings language learning to life, and can be a crucial stepping stone to travel, exchange trips and diving into another culture and language.

How can we help you?

Whether you represent a primary, secondary school or a university we have a demonstrable track record and we are here to help. Take the Bili Quiz (button above) to see if our vision of school exchange fits with your own.

Find out more, and read about what Bili can do for you below.

Free access for partner schools

We recognise that a key feature of exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, is reciprocity and this is integrated into everything we do at Bili:

  • The platform provides a simple structure to tasks where students support each other equally in two parallel message streams in their respective languages.
  • The content is created by teachers for their own students in close communication with their partner teacher. Tasks are designed to ensure maximum flexibility in how you set them up (speaking, writing, levels of support, or subtasks), and avoid a particular approach to content or pedagogy being imposed on either side of the exchange.
  • The subscriptions can be shared with partner schools or we invite potential partners to join the platform for free. One site licence (Bili, Bili + or Bilichat) is enough for your whole school and any partners you want to connect with.

Unlike eTwinning we do not receive any external funding, so we are not able to offer free access; however we hope the gesture of removing any financial barriers to schools abroad means that many of the 15 000 UK schools connected on eTwinning can continue their collaborations.

See our FAQs for more information.

  • Bili

    £500 (ex.VAT)

    The Bili annual licence provides access to your school to a host of Bili features including:

    School matching: to help you find your partner school and connect with schools abroad;

    The Bili exchange: unlimited teachers, classes and students, in our safe 100% teacher moderated exchange environment;

    Speaking and writing tasks: set regular speaking and writing tasks for students, with options to break them into smaller subtasks. 

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  • Bili +

    £ 750 (ex. VAT)

    The Bili+ annual licence provides access to your school to a host of Bili features and real time interaction including:

    All features from the Bili licence (school matching, exchange and tasks);

    Live chat: Real time interaction between students through live chat (teachers receive transcripts after any conversations);

    Forum: teachers can set up a shared forum between their classes where all students can interact with each other. 

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  • Bilichat

    £1000 (ex. VAT)

    The Bilichat licence provides access to your institution to a host of Bili features including:

    All features from the Bili licence (school matching, exchange and tasks);

    Students are clustered into groups of “Bilipals”, 3-4 sets of partners to discuss through group chat and video chat;

    Real time video calling and messaging through our IOS and Android app, which sits alongside the main message exchange structure.

    Read about a Bilichat project
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